Adventure Brewing – Fredericksburg, VA – February 6, 2015

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After a long week at work, it was time for some beer and cheese.  This time, we decided to brave the traffic and head to a point just north of downtown Fredericksburg and check out Adventure Brewing.  As luck would have it, traffic was light and Adventure Brewing was a great place to hang out for a few hours.

As we always do, we ordered their entire line up of brews.  That evening they had 8 things on tap and I came prepared with 5 different cheeses!

First up was the regular Backpack Wheat.  A very nice wheat ale, we paired this with a bit of chipotle cheddar from Great Midwest Cheese.  This pairing brought out a lot of the fruitiness of the beer that you didn’t get otherwise.  On Friday evenings, Adventure infuses one of their beers with an interesting combination of things, and it so happened we were able to get the Backpack Cherry Wheat.  They had infused the regular version with maraschino cherries and it was very evident on the nose.  We paired this infused version with the chipotle cheese as well.  All of the smokiness of the peppers came right out, but it also highlighted the sweetness of the cherries.  It reminded me of a raspberry chipotle sauce you might put on grilled chicken.

Their newest offering on the day we went was the Bookworm Brown ale.  It was exactly what I expected from a brown ale.  We paired this first with a St. Andre triple crème cheese, which sweetened up the beer a bit with hints of brown sugar.  Next, we tried the UnieKaas Truffled Gouda.  The earthiness of the truffles gave the beer a nuttiness that I find rather enjoyable in browns.

Onto the Belgian Dubbel.  We weren’t sure what cheese to try, but ending up pairing it with a goat brie.  The cheese amplified everything that’s great about a Belgian Dubbel. The beer went to a whole new level of awesome, and was by far, our favorite pairing of the evening. We didn’t stop there though. A food truck was at Adventure and they were serving banana pudding. We bought some. Igor was the guinea pig and tried the Dubbel with the pudding. He went crazy! Of course I had to try it and what a pleasant surprise! Who knew plain old fashioned banana pudding would be so good with a Belgian Dubbel?

Stouts, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, are clearly my favorite beer. Adventure’s Stiletto Stout was a very nice addition to my go to stout list. A rather light bodied stout, it was full of flavor. We paired this first with the St. Andre triple crème. It was like having a mocha milkshake. The cheese added some body and really highlighted the coffee-chocolate notes I truly love. We also tried the Truffled Gouda, which pulled out the maltiness of the beer. If I had to pair this again, I’d go with the triple crème for sure.

Last but not least was the Expedition IPA. First we tried it with our favorite Welsh cheddar and it wasn’t a great pairing. We moved on the goat brie and it was clearly the winning cheese with this beer. The brie really brought out the flavor of the Citra hops, but left any residual bitterness behind.

We had a great time at Adventure. Everyone there was great and we had the opportunity to chat with their new brewer. We loved the fact they had a food truck on site. It’s so much fun when there’s great food available to have with great beer. So, if you’re up for a road trip, we encourage you to check out Adventure Brewing. You’ll be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “Adventure Brewing – Fredericksburg, VA – February 6, 2015

  1. Travis February 11, 2015 / 10:45 pm

    The food was the beer was great and the food oh my god was awesome. The baby back rib sub was amazing. The Boom Boom Boca Grill truck made the night for me. They need to be there everyday.!!!!!


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